cork kinesioloogy - fear of foodMany children are fussy eaters. However, some are hypersensitive to food and at a very deep level can have a fear of food. It is common to be hypersensitive to more than one of the five senses of sound, touch, taste, smell and sight. Hypersensitivity article.  A child with a fear of food has an automatic over-reaction to food, which they have very little control over.

What is fear of food about?

It is an extreme reaction to the sense of taste, touch or smell.  Some children cannot tolerate even the idea of touching certain types of foods, while others are actually afraid of some smells. If you are highly sensitive generally you are consistently under great agitation. Adult hypersensitivity story.

The most important thing to realise about people with a fear of food, food phobias or fussy eaters is that they have little or no control over their issue. The fear has been created at a deeply subconscious level in the brain and this is controlling their reaction. Understanding the subconscious behaviour is the key to helping the child or adult with food issues.

Why do children develop fear of food?

The Child Centre Method (CCM) offers a powerful insight into the fear of food. CCM is centered on the understanding of retained primitive reflexes. Specifically, the Moro reflex is understood to have a very significant impact on fear of food.  (Please click on the links provided to read about the method and these reflexes).

The Moro reflex is an automatic survival reflex which develops in the womb. It helps us to survive our very early lives. For example, it causes the baby to take it’s first breath. It is a fight / flight response to threat or perceived threat.

If, in the early stages of child development, the natural integration of this reflex does not happen smoothly, the child can be left in a constant state of stress.  The severity of the child’s problem, relates to the level at which the Moro reflex has been over stimulated.

If the over stimulation of the Moro reflex is connected in some way to the intake of food, then the problem will continue until the reflex is addressed.  Fear of food can often be part of a larger puzzle in your child’s behaviour, since an over stimulated Moro reflex will also affect specific learning and behaviour problems.

How can Cork Kinesiology help with fear of food? 

cork kinesiology - fear of food 1The Child Centre Method, in which I am trained, uses standardised assessments to evaluate the issues at hand. A unique plan can then be developed for the child in order to help the issues and to reintegrate the reflexes involved.

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