cork kinesiology - hypersensitivityMany children and adults suffer from hypersensitivity. It is associated with our five senses of sound, sight, taste, touch and smell. It is common to be hypersensitive to more than one of these five. Hypersensitivity article 

What is hypersensitivity?

It is an extreme reaction to one or more of the five senses. A good example is lighting. Some children will scream or run out of a room if a certain type of light is switched on. Similarly the sound of an extractor fan in a kitchen will be hugely upsetting to some children, causing them to become aggressive or agitated. Some cannot tolerate even the idea of touching certain types of objects, while others are actually afraid of some smells. If you are highly sensitive generally you are consistently under great agitation. Adult hypersensitivity story

Why do children develop hypersensitivity?

The Child Centre Method (CCM) offers a powerful insight into hypersensitivity. CCM is centered on the understanding of retained primitive reflexes. Specifically, the Moro reflex is understood to have a very significant impact on hypersensitivity.  (Please click on the links provided to read about the method and these reflexes).

The Moro reflex is an automatic survival reflex which develops in the womb. It helps us to survive our very early lives. For example, it causes the baby to take it’s first breath. It is a fight / flight response to threat or perceived threat. A trauma at the early stages of child development can upset the natural integration of this reflex, leaving the child in a state of constant stress. The severity of the child’s problem, relates to the level at which the Moro reflex has been over stimulated.

The Moro reflex will effect the physical literacy of the child. That is, specific, naturally developed movements will be very challenging for the child to carry out. These include the capacity of the eyes to move smoothly. Reading can be a problem for hypersensitive children, as can concentration  and various learning issues can arise.

How can Cork Kinesiology help with hypersensitivity? 

cork kinesiology - hypersensitivity 1The Child Centre Method, in which I am trained, uses standardised assessments to evaluate the issues at hand. A unique plan can then be developed for the child in order to help the issues and to reintegrate the reflexes involved.

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