Cork-Kinesiology-Post-natal-depressionPost natal depression (PND) or postpartum depression is a relatively common problem experienced by 15% of women. Having a baby has a huge impact on your body chemistry. It is a time of great change for all mothers and most will experience some level of low mood.

However for some, the return to a happy state of mind does not come easily. If you are struggling with post natal depression, Cork Kinesiology can help you. You do not have to suffer.

Symptoms of Post Natal Depression


Low self esteem

Feeling overwhelmed


Sleep and eating disturbances



Low energy


Decreased sex drive


Why do I have post natal depression (PND)?

A number of factors can be examined to help answer that question. Link to PND Scale

First lets look at what happens in your body when you have a baby. In the last month of pregnancy a large amount of cortisol is released into your body. Cortisol is the stress hormone. Its increase is thought to help you with the stress of birth. Your baby’s genes make the placenta release even more cortisol – which triggers the birthing process and helps baby survive the birth. When baby and placenta are gone, your body experiences a huge change in chemistry. It takes a few weeks for your system to balance itself out. But not everybody’s system is happy to do that. Why?

Studies have shown that women who feel supported; by their families, their husbands and friends are far less likely to get post natal depression. Feeling supported implies that you have enough time, energy and money for yourself, to be able to nurture your baby. If you don’t feel this support, then what you feel instead is pressure and stress.

Link to info on Post Natal Depression

Studies have also shown that you are more likely to develop PND if you have had depression or related mental disorders prior to having a baby. To put it simply – if you are already under a lot of pressure, then having a baby adds to that pressure. If you have had a stressful past and you haven’t resolved some of your old problems, then the added responsibility of caring for a baby is too great to take on. Your system has become overwhelmed. It is your body’s way of telling you that it is time to make some changes and deal with some problems. 

The best thing that you can do now, is to work on those old problems / issues / stresses. When you do this work, you can create the extra energy you need, to deal with your new-born. When you reduce your level of stress and pressure, you can see more clearly and be the way you want to be. Talk to your GP and get advice about supporting yourself medically. This is often the best first step.

How can Cork Kinesiology help with post natal depression?

A critical factor in your recovery from post natal depression is support. The persistence of your low mood; your frustration, anger etc, usually has its roots in something older than what you are currently experiencing. Using specialised kinesiology techniques we can figure out why your system is not recovering as well as it could. The techniques are gentle and non invasive and they bring about change in subtle and profound ways. Cork Kinesiology can help you to create the support that you need to get beyond post natal depression.

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