Cork Kinesiology - Shyness 1Are you shy? Do you find it challenging to meet people and worry about what they think of you? Is your shyness interfering with the way you want to live your life? At Cork Kinesiology I can help you to overcome your shyness for good. The process is safe and you’ll never look back.

To get a clearer insight into the possible source of your shyness click on the following link Fear Paralysis Reflex


Where does my shyness come from?

I think it is extremely important to realise that your shyness comes from somewhere genuine. There is some perfectly good reason that you have it. Some part of your subconscious believes that it is better to behave in a shy way than to engage easily with people. Somewhere along the line of your life you learned this. The great thing about knowing this point, is that you no longer have to beat yourself up about being shy. Your subconscious survival system is working extremely well! The thing to do is to calm this system down. Kinesiology is a fantastic way to access the source of the shyness and to turn down its effects on you.

Link to study on shyness.

How does kinesiology affect shyness?                Cork Kinesiology - Shyness

Shyness comes about when you don’t feel safe to express your true self. When you do, social situations are easy. You believe that your opinion is valid and that you can take or leave the opinion of anyone else. It is important to note that no-one is truly free of the feeling of shyness but some people have learned to cope with challenging social situations better than others.  If you are shy then you have learned that behaving in a shy manner is the best way to deal with some situations. 

So while you may know that your shyness is “silly” or “irrational” you can also feel that it’s nearly impossible to work against it. This is where kinesiology can help. Kinesiology can allow you to access the source of the problem and reset the way your body responds to certain situations. Your shyness goes away because you then feel safer to just be yourself. The process is simple but the changes are profound. Living without shyness opens up a whole new world!

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