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Why do I find it so hard to go to sleep?

In order to  sleep well regularly your body must have a healthy balanced biochemistry. There are two key neurotransmitters involved; serotonin and dopamine. More importantly is a healthy cortisol cycle. These are released in the body when we feel good. If you have a healthy lifestyle which includes exercise, socialising and relaxation then you will have a healthy balance of these chemicals and hormones naturally.

However if you are stressed you create imbalances to this state which throws out the sleep cycle. The more stressed you are and the longer the stress has lasted for, the harder it is to find regular sleep.


Stress – the biggest problem with sleep.

Stress is a primal reaction humans developed for survival. It helps us to react to real danger and to be ready for it. The stressed state releases adrenaline and cortisol for flight and fight. Adrenaline drives you to act and this action uses up the adrenaline and releases the happy chemicals – seratonin and dopamine. This pattern makes perfect sense and does not lead to stress – it leads to balance.

But if you don’t act,  cortisol builds up and this is extremely unhealthy for the body. Link on effects of excess cortisol

Our modern lives are overloaded with stress and all too often we have not learned how to manage it. The demands of work, school, social expectations, financial pressures and a host of other factors are always there and are very hard on our systems. We never get to switch off and chemically we become saturated with cortisol. It is next to impossible to sleep if you have too much cortisol in your system.

What can Cork Kinesiology do for my problem with sleep?

It is scientifically accepted that the key to a healthy sleep pattern is to lower stress levels. By using acurpressure formatting – unique to kinesiology you can access and dial down the stress where it occurs within the energy system of the body to help it to calm down.

If you have developed a pattern of stress around work, a person or a relationship it can be next to impossible to switch it off. Kinesiology allows you to figure out exactly what is going on, regarding the specific stress. More importantly it can then be used to turn down the reaction you are having to that stress. This gives you breathing space to make changes easily. When you stop your reactions to stress – then you have a new perspective. Your body learns that you don’t need to get so ‘fired up’. In this state you have less cortisol and more happy chemicals. Sleep can then come naturally without thinking, which is how it should be.

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