Cork Kinesiology can help with the terrible twosCork Kinesiology - terrible twos

Most toddlers go through phases of outrageous behaviour. In some cases the terrible twos can often last for a few years! Behaviour includes screaming, biting, hitting, kicking and full tantrums. Parents will be asking themselves; “what happened to my beautiful, peaceful and  loving baby?” If you want to  bring a bit of peace back into the house – and your head! – Cork Kinesiology can help.

Why do the terrible twos happen?

A toddler is at a fascinating stage of brain development. They are beginning to understand the social set-ups around them. They make eye contact with you now, in a way they didn’t before; they ‘get’ things. You can see this. It appears to all intents and purposes that they understand what’s going on and to a large extent they do. But it doesn’t mean that they like everything or want to accept it. The world is brand new to them and they are being restricted all the time. This is hugely frustrating. It is extremely easy for a toddler to become overwhelmed and this results in ‘terrible twos’ behavior.

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What can kinesiology do about the terrible twos?

I worked with a toddler recently who had become ‘impossible‘, in the words of his parents. He was constantly whinging and cranky and would scream and kick. Added to this he refused to eat, making things far worse. His parents had resorted to shouting at him and realised that this was not a solution they were happy with. It was getting them nowhere and everybody was unhappy.

The kinesiology treatment identified the following: the toddler was overwhelmed by details, and felt unappreciated that this was not understood. He also had a fear of approaching so many new things and had become timid around peers. He had become rigid and reluctant to do anything and all of this had caused a tension that made him feel nausea.

Kinesiology treatment techniques allowed us to relax all this tension and calm the small man down. It also neutralised his fear of his peers and his appetite returned the following day. Crucially it also allowed his parents to understand what was going on in his little head. With this new information they were able to make changes in their approach to him. Now everybody is a lot happier. The child is thriving as a result. He is understood in a way that he wasn’t before. Amen!

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