Meditation Circle

I’m delighted to let you know that Ruth and I are running our next Meditation Circle on April 9th (Tuesday), 8pm to 10pm at the Carrigaline Wellness Centre. It’s a 4 week course. €240

This is an amazing meditation process that allows you to manifest better things and experiences into your life.
It can help you to;

  • Clear old stuck patterns of thought
  • Improve relationships
  • Improve finances
  • Change negative self talk
  • Free your anxious mind
  • Improve your relationship with yourself! and your family and friends
  • See your life in a new way.

More information below…
The number is limited and there is a deposit of €60 to secure your spot.

If you would like to join this coming group please email me.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Law Of Attraction Meditation Circle

This is an invite to a meditation circle that Ruth (my wife) and I do on Tuesdays at the centre. This meditation complements the treatment process, and it allows you to work through a lot of ‘stuff” yourself with the added benefit of checking in with the group. When you set your intention to the 4 weeks you lay down a marker for change. It keeps your mind open and willing to move. 🐆

Working through the law of attraction helps to clear old behaviours and bad habits that keep you stuck. It helps you to understand why you’re stuck… and how to change it.
It’s a guided process and as an individual you are helped to understand your patterns and habits. it encourages authenticity and brings up what matters to you.
We’re a nice enough bunch so don’t worry, it’s good fun too!! 🎢

I find that it is especially effective for parents. People gain a new understanding about how to deal with family issues, me included. Themes tend to run through the group and everyone always learns new things. Insights abound. 👪

Doing energy work with a group really enhances your intention, as many of those who have experienced it will know. (Myself included). However it is not ‘group therapy’ – it’s a meditation based process. I’ve witnessed people make massive changes over the 4 weeks.
Class size is about 10.

If you have any questions or you would like to discuss it over the phone to understand it better.. just let me know.

All the best

Tony Galvin

The first of many workshops!

I am delighted to faciliate regular Ho’Opponopono workshops with Dr. Alweena Awan. The first of these was in August 2015 and she continues to hold these full day events every two to three months.
Dr Awan also teaches her system of Attuning to Full Potential (AFP) which is also a full day event. She developed this hugely popular system to provide the person the tools to harness their own potential. It is a powerful and efficient system, the benefits of which I see myself on a daily basis.

For More Information Call 087 7876361