Kinesiology and stress

Cork-Kinesiology-Mental-healthIn a chaotic mental state, the world is a hard place to be in. The key to getting some peace of mind is to quieten the internal turbulence. Why is this so difficult? The answer is that we are working against old patterns of behaviour which have powerful subconscious emotions and memories attached. Kinesiology offers a unique means of discovering and resolving these patterns, letting you live like you always wanted to.

Kinesiology can bring balance to:

Kinesiology and Emotional Health

Cork-Kinesiology-emotional-health-1Feelings of anger, rage, grief, terror, sadness and fear are all part of a normal healthy brain. However when these normal feelings affect us, or those around us in a negative way – then we have a problem. It is important to bring emotional imbalances to a healthy state and kinesiology can do this in a safe and simple way.

Emotional issues and kinesiology

Nervous habits
Poor coping skills
Anger management
Self hate
Terrible twos

Kinesiology and Physical Health

Cork-Kinesiology-physical-healthMany physical issues are caused by negative patterns of behaviour, which we are not aware of. Think of it this way. Your body’s primary function is to protect you and keep you from harm. It sends clear signals of pain to your brain when something has gone wrong. If the pain is severe enough, you immediately stop what you are doing and give it your full attention, as with a broken arm. But what about when you develop a pain which you can’t pin down to an injury. Your body is trying to tell you something but you don’t know what it is. If X-rays, show no real problems and physiotherapy doesn’t keep it at bay then you can be at a loss. In my experience the problem often lies in behaviours, locked into the brain at a subconscious level. If you are carrying out a simple action on a daily basis that you don’t really want to do, it is really common for the stress of the situation to effect your posture. Eventually your body gets sick of this and tells you to stop. If you can get to the root of the behaviour you can solve the ‘mystery’ of the physical problem.

Physical issues that kinesiology can treat

Weight loss
Sports injuries
Shin Splints
Neck and shoulder problems
Skin problems
Excessive sweating
Eye strain
Long term / chronic pain

Kinesiology and Child Learning and Behavior Issues

Please use the link on The Child Centre Method for information on Child Learning and Behavior Issues

Child Learning and Behavior Issues.

Over sensitive to touch
Mutism (fears / difficulties around talking)
Fear of Change
Fear of New Things
Fear of food
Reading, writing

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