cork kinesiology - fear of changeAs human beings, we have a fear of change built in to our subconscious. It has helped us to survive as a species. It’s our conservative inner voice that wants us to stay safe all the time. Most of us are able to balance that inner voice with the ability to take risks or try new things. However for some children and adults, the fear of change is so great that taking any risk is out of the question. They have a deep reaction to the idea of change at a subconscious level. Thankfully there is help. Cork Kinesiology can successfully treat you or your child’s fear of change and help you to live a more fulfilling life.

Understanding Fear of Change.

cork kinesiology - fear of change 3To understand fear of change, it is crucial to look at what triggers it, in the brain and why. Deep rooted fears, which we all have, are controlled in the area of the brain known as the Amygdala. The amygdala controls our fight/flight response.  It’s what makes you jump, when you get a fright. You have no real control over it. It is also connected to memory at an almost automatic level. This again, is to help is to survive childhood, so that you don’t burn your finger the second time around!

So, if something gave you a bad fright at an early stage in life, the memory and the auto response become linked. However, the awareness of the memory might not be there. That is why trying to persuade someone that it’s all OK, doesn’t work. Your rational side is not as dominant over your behavior as your protective subconscious. Understanding the pattern is usually the key to releasing the fear.

Primitive reflexes and Fear of Change?

For children and also for adults, The Child Centre Method (CCM), in which I am trained, offers a powerful insight into fear of change. CCM is centered on the development of retained primitive reflexes. Specifically, the Moro reflex is understood to have a very significant impact on fear of change.  (Please click on the links provided to read about the method and these reflexes).

The Moro reflex is an automatic survival reflex which develops in the womb and is controlled by the amygdala. It helps us to survive our very early lives. For example, it causes the baby to take it’s first breath. It is a physical and measurable fight / flight response to threat or perceived threat. A trauma at the early stages of child development can upset the natural integration of this reflex, leaving the child in a state of constant stressThe severity of the child’s or adult’s problem, often relates to the level at which the Moro reflex has been over stimulated.

How can Cork Kinesiology help with fear of change ?

cork kinesiology - fear of change 1The Child Centre Method, in which I am trained, uses standardised assessments to evaluate the issue at hand. A unique plan can then be developed for the child or adult, in order to help the issue and to reintegrate the reflexes involved.




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