Cork-Kinesiology-Moro-reflexWhat is the Moro Reflex?

The Moro Reflex is a Primitive Reflex  which develops in utero for the survival of the fetus. 

This reflex is one of the earliest to develop and  it is essential for survival but disastrous if not inhibited at the correct time (2 – 4 months of age). In tiny babies their reaction to threat is to fling their arms open, scream and go pale or red in the face. This excessive response is the early ‘flight or fight’ reaction to stressLater in life, this will only occur in moments of extreme danger. More on the Moro Reflex here

How does the Moro Reflex effect behaviour in children?

Cork Kinesiology - Moro ReflexChildren who have a Retained Moro Reflex will experience an overreaction to circumstances regularly. The child may display the following;

  • The child may be hypersensitive and immature or overreactive.

  • They may dislike change and are fearful of new things.

  • A change of routine in the classroom, even for something pleasurable, may cause a child to throw a tantrum that seems a huge overreaction to the rest of us.

These children may also react in one of two ways with their peers:

  • they may shrink away and be the withdrawn wallflower, observing but not participating, or

  • they may want to be the boss of the game all the time.

Other behaviours include;

  •  constantly on the alert against perceived threat.

  • The eyes are constantly wandering to the periphery of the page, the blackboard or the classroom, so that they don’t remain on task.

  • They may also have difficulty when reading with the contrast of black print on white paper. Moro driven people can be extremely sensitive in many situations.

  • The constant stress involved in its frequent emergence can cause a depleted immune response.

  • Difficulty showing and receiving affection as well as problems socialising, They often prefer to play with younger children.

How can Cork Kinesiology help a child with a Retained Moro Reflex?

Tony Galvin of Cork Kinesiology is trained in The Child Centre Method – learning and behaviour program. The treatment of Retained Primitive Reflexes is at the heart of The Child Centre Method. You can  read the articles in this website  relating to The Child Centre Method and on the Primitive Reflexes. This will give you a great understanding of your child’s behaviour. 

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