Are you stressed out? Getting stressed more often? You need some help! Kinesiology can help identify and eliminate the areas of stress in your life. Stress in one area can trigger another and another, until eventually it all gets too much. Your system is overwhelmed with unresolved problems. You need to manage your stress. Let me help you!


How can kinesiology help manage your stress?

At Cork Kinesiology, specialised kinesiology acupressure techniques are used to locate areas of stress in either the brain, the body, or the emotional circuits. The process is gentle and non invasive. The meridian system from Traditional Chinese Medicine is used to get deep into the area of the body where the stress is located. Safe and gentle kinesiology methods are then applied to resolve, eliminate or reduce the stressful state.

How quickly can kinesiology reduce my stress?

Many stresses are very easy to manage but when we become overwhelmed by our busy lives we don’t have the head space to resolve even the simple things. Kinesiology works on the priority stress – the one that’s the real problem. When that is sorted out, then the rest of the smaller issues go back to being smaller issues. Very stressed people often say “Everything is stressing me out.” and they are right! But once the major stressors are managed the smaller ones become insignificant. You will usually notice results immediately regarding the smaller stresses. Bigger things can take a little longer to kick in – for example – if your job, your boss, and you co-workers are all a major problem for you, then its likely you need to find a new job! The kinesiology session – by eliminating old patterns of stress – will allow you to make those changes much more easily. The things that are holding you in a stressful position in life just won’t have the same hold.

Do I have to do any exercises after the kinesiology session?

The good news is that you will not. The changes happen by themselves as the brain unravels old habits and behaviors. New options for living become apparent so all you have to do is go with it. These things can be very subtle but very profound. When you remove the reason / excuse for maintaining a stressful situation the change is easy. Your life opens up in a way that you want it to. You’ll just be more yourself and less stressed!

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