Depression – Cork Kinesiology can help.

How do I know if I have depression?

There is a simple way to understand, whether you could be considered to have depression or not. Ask yourself this question. On average where would you rate your mood out of ten over the course of a week? At ten, you feel ‘over the moon’ happy, while at zero you have reached a dark place and have thoughts of suicide.

If your average is a seven or close, then you are in a very good place. Believe it or not, this is where a healthy person will be. If however, your average is a four or a five then you are not doing so well. You can cope but sometimes you can’t. You are now in the area where the term depression can be applied. The severity of the condition is measured by how long you stay in a low average.

If you have an average of a five then when you have a bad spell you can hit a three. To a person who’s average is high, this is somewhere they have never been and couldn’t even imagine. Their bad spell is your average! This is why you know, that there is no point trying to explain to some people, how you are feeling. They simply will not get it.

But don’t worry, you were not born with depression, you have just gotten used to it over time. Kinesiology can help to bring your average back up to a healthy state again.

Why do I have depression?

Cork kinesiology - why depressionI think it is extremely important to know your biography. If you understand the life that you have had up to now, then you begin to appreciate why you may have developed such an overwhelmed state of mind. Some people grow up in a nurturing and safe environment, with for example, healthy, balanced parents and a positive school environment. In these conditions you are bound to strive. But many people are not so lucky. Negative circumstances like bullying, harassment, lack of freedom and the squashing of self expression have a lasting impact on our lives from childhood. As an adult you tell yourself that you should ‘move on’ but the negatives are still there in the back of your head running away like a reliable computer programme. You might not notice it but its happening. And despite making a lot of effort to make yourself happier you don’t seem to manage it. Now add work stress and normal adult life issues and it all gets too much. If this lasts for a period of time, a depressed state kicks in.

How can kinesiology help with depression?

In my opinion many depressed people have not come to fully appreciate the impact of the lives that they have had. You may have been born with a personality or character that didn’t ‘fit’ with your environment. Over a period of time this becomes too hard to bear. Kinesiology can help you get to the bottom of your depression or low moods. You may have a pattern of behavior which is causing you to feel bad or an emotion that keeps niggling at you that won’t go away. If you want to figure this out and get rid of it once and for all, kinesiology can help you do it. In a safe and gentle manner kinesiology will help you to take control over your life, free of depression.

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