Cork Kinesiology - WithdrawlWhat is withdrawl?

Many children and adults react to social circumstances by withdrawing. Withdrawl, or Social Withdrawl  is a fear based response that does not always have a clear explanation.  Withdrawl behaviour often appears irrational and inexplicable. Parents will ask themselves “Why is my child behaving this way?” – knowing that there is no good reason that they know of for their child to be so fearful. For recent studies on withdrawl click here

Withdrawl – Why does my child behave this way?

Retained Primitive Reflexes are the keys to understanding many child behavior issues including Withdrawl. The Primitive Reflex which most profoundly effects social withdrawl is the Fear Paralysis Reflex. This reflex develops in Utero and should be fully integrated before birth. It is an automatic survival response to threat, which originates in the Brain stem. As such it has no conscious control centre. If the Fear Paralysis Reflex is overstimulated, there is a risk that it will not be fully integrated. When this occurs the child is in a constant state of stress. It is said that living with the Fear Paralysis Reflex is to see life through a lens of fear. You are constantly on the lookout for danger and do not trust any situation which you cannot control or do not fully understand.

Cork Kinesiology - withdrawl 2It is vital to appreciate that children and adults that are affected by this reflex have no real control over their withdrawl reaction. It is simply the case that a powerful and automatic survival part of their brain, is controlling their behaviour. As adults we can adapt to cope with this stress but unless it is correctly treated the withdrawl reaction never really goes away.

How can Cork Kinesiology Help with Withdrawl?

Tony Galvin has trained in The Child Centre Method – learning and behaviour program, since 2014. This is a holistic approach to learning and behaviour issues in children and adults. The Child Centre Method firstly, allows the practitioner to establish, by standardised assessment, the exact issues at hand and the Primitive reflexes which may relate to them. A unique plan is then created for the child to allow them to make the necessary changes.

Regarding withdrawl – the severity of the condition is assessed first. Then the treatment plan is created to give the parent and child clear outcomes and improvement markers. The results of this holistic approach are profound. The Child Centre Method techniques are non-invasive and fun!

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