Is asthma affecting how you want to live your life? Has it upset your confidence? Do you feel like you could achieve more without it? If you would like to successfully treat your asthma Cork Kinesiology can help.

Why do I have asthma?

Two things stand out about asthma. One is that we don’t really know why people get it.  The other is that it can be quite common to grow out of it. So what does this mean? To me this implies that you developed asthma in the first place because something about the environment you were in (and this includes people) didn’t suit you. What changes then, when a person grows out of asthma is either the way they behave or allow themselves to behave.  Usually something about their life changes in a positive way that allows them the room to be themselves in a healthier way.

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How does kinesiology help with asthma?

In my experience asthma is very often related to some kind of pressure that the person is feeling. It’s as though something is weighing on your chest and until it goes away it restricts you in some way.  

 Anxiety and stress significantly influence asthma. Very often these can be subconscious, so that the person has no idea why the asthma developed.

Cork Kinesiology can help you to figure out the stress that’s causing the asthma. This could be people, allergies, work, school or even something genetic.  More importantly kinesiology can then help you to eliminate the effect that this stress is having on your system. Once you remove the stress, the asthma goes away.

What’s involved in the kinesiology treatment for asthma?

Safe and non invasive acupressure (no needles!) techniques, unique to kinesiology are used to access the areas of stress through the Chinese energy system. The process is relaxing and fascinating. You can ask questions as you go along if you like. It’s amazing what you can discover. When the stress is isolated, kinesiology techniques are applied until it is calmed down. Click here to see what the kinesiology treatment looks like.

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