Cork Kinesiology - shin splintsDo you have shin splints? Not only are they painful but they will put an end to your running practice. Cork Kinesiology has a proven record of successfully treating shin splints. If you want to put an end to the problem let Cork Kinesiology help you.

What are shin splints?

The most up to date research on shin splints suggests that the cause relates to a slight bending of the tibia bone during running. Read about this here. The repeated bending on impact with the ground causes a pocket or pockets of low bone density. CT scans show that the site of pain matches the area of low bone density. Furthermore the low density pocket goes away after rest, along with the pain.

If you train regularly and with care, then your body knows how to cope with the shock of running and organises greater strength in the area required.  Your leg bones become more dense to take the assault.

Usually we develop shin splints by training too intensely without enough  recovery time.  Postural issues like pronation and other factors can add to the stress on the bone, which adds to the issue. More here

How can Cork Kinesiology help with shin splints?

I recently worked with a runner who developed shin splints when he set an unrealistic goal and overtrained.  He tried physiotherapy and was disciplined in his use of a foam roller for months but it did not work. It certainly decreased the problem but he couldn’t “go for it” as he said himself. It took three sessions over a period of 6 weeks to sort out this problem. He is back running now at full capacity.

Interestingly, the process he went through with me brought about changes in his attitudes and behaviours which were reflected in the way he approached his running.  He is more relaxed about his training and will no longer over exert himself to the point of injury. Often to get over an injury one has an opportunity to make positive changes and improve oneself. Not only did the process treat the runner’s shin splints, it simultaneously brought him more focus and peace of mind.

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