Cork-Kinesiology-acne-3There are a myriad of treatments out there for acne. Almost all of them tend to do the same thing…. they try to treat the acne by going directly at the acne. In my view this is like a mechanic attending to a warning light on the dashboard of your car – by changing the bulb. What they need to do, is to figure out what’s going on in the engine that made the light come on.

At Cork Kinesiology I can help you to figure out what’s going on in your system at a deeper level so that you can remove the cause of the acne permanently.

Why do I have Acne?

Cork-Kinesiology-acne-teenagerMost people first get acne during puberty. At this time your brain is changing at a phenomenal rate. The only other time in your life that your brain grows this much is when you are a baby. But baby’s don’t get acne, why? Because sexual development is occurring and massive amounts of androgens (e.g. testosterone) are released into the body to create specific growth. The rational parts of your brain are the last areas to fully develop and so you are running more on your emotional brain. Your system is under massive pressure then, to try to cope with the challenge of balancing hormonal surges with rational mature behaviour. Add, to the cocktail, modern social pressures and your body becomes a warzone! The testosterone and stress make you produce huge levels of sebum in the skin cells and this is where acne thrives. Link to teenage brain

How does kinesiology help with Acne?

If you took a mature adult of 40 years of age and you gave them very high doses of androgens (testosterone) they would develop acne. This happens to body builders who take steroids to get bigger. Testosterone stresses your system and the toxic effects come out in your skin. It’s a simple solution for a bodybuilder then – stop taking steroids or live with the acne.

But how can you find a solution for someone that’s got acne and isn’t a body builder? The answer is – take away the extra stresses that cause the body to be overwhelmed. Your body is trying to tell you something. It’s toxic and the toxicity isn’t necessarily just food. When you have high stress levels you increase your levels of cortisol in the body, which is associated with adrenaline and fight or flight. The more emotionally and mentally stable you are the less cortisol you have and therefore the more able your body is to deal with regular life stress.

If you developed acne as a teenager you can now see why this would happen. There is so much happening that it’s no wonder your system goes haywire. Read more But if the acne hasn’t gone away as it should, then there simply has to be something that’s stressing your system that’s been there since you were a teenager and probably from before that. Kinesiology can help you find out what it is and then very simply turn down it’s impact on you. It’s a bit like finding out that you have been driving your car at 60 km/h in 2nd gear. You might not have realised you had other gears to choose from.

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