cork kinesiology - allergies 1Allergies are becoming increasingly common. In the last twenty years in Ireland the number of people suffering with allergy problems has doubled.

Worryingly, there is a frightening rise in anaphylaxis – to peanuts, eggs, dairy products, etc. Just look at this website to get some details about Ireland alone.   This extreme reaction happens, when the person’s body thinks it is under serious threat and goes into shock. Why on earth would this happen with a food like eggs? We’ve been eating eggs for hundreds of thousands of years. Why as a species would we develop this reaction now?

Why are allergies on the rise?

It is a fact that the more Westernised a culture becomes the more allergies increase. The UK Government has stated that they are currently experiencing an allergy crises.

cork kinesiology - allergies 2Never before have people been exposed to such a massive variety of pollutants – in air, in food, medicines & in our water. On top of this we are now exposed to electro-magnetics all the time. Your laptop, smart phone, ipad, wifi router, microwave, smart tv, all emit significant, measurable electo-magnetic waves. Interesting article here.

Now in themselves, these are not all together that dangerous – but the volume and intensity of them, combined with the other pollutants, is challenging our overall health.

If an  electro-magnetic wave emitted a visible colour we’d all be staggered by what we now surround ourselves with. If we could see pollutants in our air and water and food, we’d be quick to make some changes.

But this alone is not the full picture.

Stress and allergies

cork kinesiology - allergies 3Regarding the rise of allergies in children, another factor must be considered. There is a significant rise in the numbers of children diagnosed with learning and behaviour problems.

The provision of health and educational services, which help to spot these issues in schools, only accounts for a portion of the increase.

Very often children with allergy problem, also have learning and behavior issues. Why? The allergies are not to blame for these problems but should  be seen within a bigger picture.

Primitive reflexes and allergies

Very often, children with learning and behaviour issues, have associated retained primitive reflexes. The purpose of these reflexes is to help new-born babies to survive their early lives. For example the Moro Reflex, makes a baby take its first breath.

The Moro reflex is an automatic reaction in the body to a perceived threat and is fired by the adrenaline fight / flight response in the amygdala of the brain. If the reflex does not integrate correctly the child is left with an ongoing stress in the body, which they have no control over.

Over time, this chronic stress lowers the child’s immune system, making it harder for them to develop the antibodies needed to fight allergies. 

If you take a child who’s body is regularly in a heightened state of stress and place them in an environment that is overloaded with pollutants such as  – noise, chemicals and electomagnetics, it is inevitable that allergic reactions occur.

How can Cork Kinesiology help with allergies?

cork kinesiology - allergies 4I am trained in The Child Centre Method – Learning and Behaviour Program. This program is focused on the treatment of retained primitive reflexes. Read about it here.

Standardised assessments are first used to establish the issues at hand and the related reflexes. Kinesiology techniques can then be used to determine where the links are in the child’s system, that relate to the specific allergies they have.

A unique program is then developed for the child to reduce the levels of stress that the child is experiencing.

When you reduce stress levels in the body, you increase the capacity of the immune system to do its job. Link to more

You can only fight disease and allergens if your body can rest well.


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