What is your immune system?

cork kinesiology - weak immune systemYour immune system is made up of billions of cells – mostly white blood cells. These cells travel through the blood and seek out and attack antigens (bacteria and viruses). They can travel into organs and tissues to fix all sorts of potential sickness and disease. This process is happening right now inside your body. It works all the time, trying to keep you from getting sick. Link to immune system


Why would you have a weak immune system?

Usually, you can link a weak immune system to chronic stress – even in children. Having a chronic stress means that you have a stress that is always working on you and is draining your energy and lowering your ability to fight disease.

Under stress your body automatically produces adrenaline, to help you to ‘survive’ your situation. Your heart rate, blood pressure and energy supply goes up so that you can fight or run away – the fight/flight response. This response is designed to switch off, once the stress goes away. But if the stress persists the response persists and eventually you become exhausted and weak.

Children with a weak immune system

cork kinesiology - weak immune system 1Children with a weak immune system very often have other ‘tell tale’ issues that indicate the type of  stress that they are dealing with. For example, children that are hyperactive, impulsive or have add/adhd, will often have weak immune systems. This is because they are in fight / flight mode too much and the body is exhausted from dealing with it.

Retained primitive reflexes offer a great insight into why some children develop a weak immune system. These reflexes help a baby to survive their early lives. For example the Moro reflex helps a baby to take it’s first breath. A stress or trauma at this early stage of development can have a lasting affect on these reflexes, preventing them from integrating correctly.

If retained, the reflex creates neuro – developmental delay, leaving the child under pressure when trying to perform tasks such as sports, reading, writing as well as concentration. Over time the child becomes exhausted and a weak immune system is part of that process.

How can Cork Kinesiology help with a weak immune system?

cork kinesiology - weak immune system 3I am trained in The Child Centre Method – Learning and Behaviour program. This method is centered around the treatment of Retained Primitive Reflexes. Standardised assessments are used to  establish the issues at hand and the related reflexes involved. A unique plan can then be developed for the child in order to help the issues and to reintegrate the reflexes.

I would encourage you to read the links on this page about The Child Centre Method and Primitive Reflexes. It will give you a new insight into why your child may have weak immunity.

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