cork kinesiology - over sensitive to noiseBeing over sensitive to noise or sounds can leave you in a constant state of stress. It is important to understand that a person who is over sensitive to noise, has little or no control over their reaction to it. For them, the noise or sound is linked to a sudden fright. Their autonomic nervous system (ANS) responds as though they are in the presence of danger. Their heart rate increases, adrenaline is released and they are ready for fight or flight. Thankfully there is help. Cork Kinesiology can successfully treat you or your child’s sensitivity to sound or noise.

About being over sensitive to sound

Let’s first look at being sensitive to sound. This is a fundamental requirement for survival, without which we would not have survived as a species. Sounds alert us to danger. As the brain develops from childhood, we learn to filter sounds which are safe (therefore we can ignore them), and those which are new and possibly dangerous.

For example, a car horn should cause us to become alarmed, while the sound of our feet touching the ground is something we don’t even register. It’s there but we don’t hear it.

The problem with people with an over sensitivity to sound is that certain sounds have become associated with threat or perceived threat. They react as though they hear a car horn!  This link has been made within a part of the brain known as the Amygdala. This is the fight/flight control centre in the brain. It works at a primitive automatic level. That is why it is mostly pointless, trying to convince someone that is over sensitive to sound to “try to be calm”. The rational part of their brain is being bypassed. Just as yours would be if you suddenly saw a car heading straight for you.

Why develop an over sensitivity to sound or noise?

Again, this comes down to the links made between primitive emotions driven by the amygdala and associated memories. A trauma – and this can be at birth, or even in utero or early childhood, can create an association in the brain between a stimulus (loud noise) and a reaction (must survive/panic).

It’s sometimes easier to understand this in animals. A dog that aggressively chases a car, is often one that was hit by a car as a pup.

Very often Primitive Reflexes are linked to over sensitivities. It is possible to assess if there is a link between an over sensitivity to noise with one of these reflexes. Treatment can then begin.

Cork Kinesiology and being over sensitive to noise or sound.

I am trained in The Child Centre Method. At the heart of the Method is the treatment of retained primitive reflexes. I use standardised assessments to assess the issue and the related reflexes involved. A unique treatment plan can then be created for you or your child.

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