cork kinesiology - over sensitive to light 1Children or adults that are over sensitive to light, are under pressure. A very primitive part of their brain has made an association between a sense of danger and light. It is crucial to understand that they have little or no control over their response to light. Instead it needs to be seen as a fight/flight or automatic response to danger. Thankfully there is help. Cork Kinesiology can help you or your child overcome this over sensitivity.

About being over sensitive to light.

Retained Primitive Reflexes allow us to understand what is happening when a person over reacts to light, or is over sensitive to it. Specifically, The Moro Reflex is associated with this particular sensitivity.

The Moro Reflex is an automatic physical response to danger. It develops in utero and helps babies survive their early lives. A new-born, cannot pick and choose how to deal with different types of threat. The Moro Reflex is the one thing that it can do, to protect itself. This ‘Moro’ action happens in the body, if one of the five senses of – sound, touch, sight, taste, smell – is over stimulated.

cork kinesiology - over sensitive to light 2It is a fight / flight response activated by the Amygdala in the brain.  If the Moro Reflex is not correctly integrated, the child or adult is living with constant stress and will develop, over and hyper sensitivities.

Over time the child will also experience burn out. As a result, immune systems suffer and a child can develop all sorts of allergies, like asthma, eczema etc.

Help with being over sensitive to light.

I am trained in The Child Centre Method – Learning and Behaviour program. This Method is centered around the treatment of Retained Primitive Reflexes. A standardised assessment is first used to establish the details of the issue at hand, and the reflexes involved. A unique plan can then be developed for the child or adult to help with the issue.

cork kinesiology - over sensitive to light 4Treatment of an over sensitivity to light usually involves working on The Moro Reflex. When you start to do this in children, huge changes occur. What you are doing is removing stress from their system at a very deep level.

You must remember that the child has had to adapt to having lots of stress. Many of these adaptations play out as ‘bad’ or ‘odd’ or ‘undesirable’ behaviours. Removing stress from them, frees them up to just be themselves. It is a liberating experience for a child to have and a delight for a parent to witness.

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I can’t believe the changes in my son James. It’s four months since we first went to you and he is like a different child.  His reaction to bright lights has completely changed. He is calmer and has more friends and is happier in school. Thank you so much. I couldn’t recommend you enough.

Margaret, Douglas, Cork.

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